Good news, or at least I think so.  I have been told that I-phones are now capable of watching the live stream and that no plug-in is required for Android devices. But I have not yet verified if this is true.  So I will try and confirm before 2019 season as to whether this is true.  Otherwise follow the instructions below.




  Note that this link may not work with some mobile devices such as I-phones etc that do not accommodate the use of shock wave flash content.  

  If you have an android powered mobile device you must use either Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Boat browser that support the use of flash to view the live stream.  FireFox on an android device will not support viewing of the live stream.

  I have info on the next page which may assist you in enabling Shock Wave Flash content on your device and enjoying this live stream from

Here is  a link to the next page for Shock Wave Flash installation assistance.

Click the link below for the Live Stream 


 Planned events for 2021 are dependent on StarLink system being activated in time for the 2021 pulling season and if there is enough satellites to support live streaming or going back to the cellular network and if there is available band width from the cellular network.  Note that typically Friday and Saturday nights of the many County Fairs the bandwidth is reduced so as to make live streaming difficult to impossible until around 11 PM when the bandwidth load decreases. 

 NOTE: That this live stream is not 24/7/365 as I may move it around from time to time and event to event. So, availability will not be continuous.