Flexible vehicle exhaust hose

Or for you drivers that like to roll coal perhaps this would make the most customizable exhaust stack for that beast you drive.  Imagine a double exhaust stack coiled to suit your mood.

May have weathering, blemishes, scratches, surface rust or dents. But still operational and will perform as intended.  Get the exhaust from your vehicle to the outside of the building.

This building or vehicle exhaust hose is flexible steel with a diameter of approximately 5 and 3/4 inches and is over 18' long.  It can take my 250 lb plus frame standing on it and it does not crush, so this ain't cheap dryer hose.

It was out of an educational institution's mechanic's course shop and appears to have never seen any use.  However, I am making no claim as to whether or not is was ever used.  So I am calling this used.  I can't see any exhaust soot on the inside so I am guessing it was in the shop more for cosmetics than actual use.  They have some surface rust but have not been outside, so the rust should not be of much concern.

I have three of these so 1st buyer gets choice of one or all three.  I would like to note that one of the three does have a visible dent in the corrugations but it does not  effect the flexibility or serviceability of the hose.

Local pickup only in Coburn Pennsylvania.  Although they could be coiled somewhat I doubt if it would pay for you to purchase these and then also have to pay some outrageous shipping fee, because if I were going to ship them I would build a wood crate that would probably weigh 200 pounds all by itself just to contain this/these item(s).  And I will not consider cutting these and selling shorter lengths.  Its either a whole coil or none.

 e-mail for additional pictures or questions.


$75.00 each, take all three for $200.00.