Well, Dianne Crater has been helping me for the last four years now as of the June 2015 Millheim Fire Company Garden Tractor pull and this year at the end of the pulling season she came up with this "rough" tractor count which also includes some children's pedal pulls that although not tractors they were pulls just the same.  Some of the event dates that she tallied up I was not at but Diane was there taking care of the computer work and providing assistance to the announcer or providing statistics and results.  Pulls that I did at antique machinery shows are not included in these figures.  So this is just a rough count of the "first" hooks that we were party to this year, and this count does not include pull offs or dropped hooks or class restarts.

 3,423 first hooks

 Here is the excel file for anyone interested in the hook counts for your particular event.  TOTAL HOOKS FOR 2015.xlsx