Keystone Bracket Showdown Tractor Pull

October 21, 2022


001) 4,500 lbs. Farm Stock Pace.pdf   001) 4,500 lbs. Farm Stock Pace.jpg
002) 5,500 lbs. Farm Stock Pace.pdf   002) 5,500 lbs. Farm Stock Pace_Page_1.jpg
    002) 5,500 lbs. Farm Stock Pace_Page_2.jpg
003) 7,000 lbs. Farm Stock Pace.pdf   003) 7,000 lbs. Farm Stock Pace_Page_1.jpg
          003) 7,000 lbs. Farm Stock Pace_Page_2.jpg 
Keystone Bracket Showdown.jpg
The tractor pull committee of the Beaver Community Fair has decided to waive the 1 other hook requirement for the Keystone Bracket Pull October 22nd. Due to high travel expenses, etc. We will still have the $500 points fund for those who can attend the Thursday September 22nd pull and the October 21st pull. We hope to see you all at the Beaver Fair pull and the night before the bracket
Thank you for all your support.
Any questions can be answered by any of the contacts listed on the events page.
5th. Annual Keystone Bracket Showdown
Friday night starting at 6PM
4,500 / 5,500 / 7,000
Saturday Bracket pull starting at 9AM
6,250 Bracket pull only.
Contacts: Greg 570-765-4216, Ross 570-765-6985
No alcoholic beverages allowed on the grounds. Any signs of alcohol or illegal drugs being used is an immediate disqualification.
Each tractor may be entered in more than one class, but only once in each class.
The tractor operator must be 18 years of age or at least 16 years of age with parent/guardian signed consent.
Driver must remain seated during the pull and have complete control of the tractor at all times. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times, on and off the track, or will be disqualified. No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled or sled hitching device during a pull.
Contestant has a max of three (3) minutes from the time the sled has backed into place to be hooked to pull.
All pulls must start from a tight hitch. No jerking permitted during the pull. Contestants will be allowed two (2) attempts within a designated area to move sled for official measurement.
First puller of each class will have the option to drop the pull and come back in the third pulling position (except bracket)
All tractors must stop immediately at the request of the official. The pull shall be over when forward motion stops. The official shall hold hole digging to a minimum. When contestants are red flagged they must stop their units and shut down immediately.
Tractors must remain within boundaries of the track during the pull or the pull will be disqualified. Any tire crossing or touching the white chalk boundary line during the pull will be disqualified.
All weights must be safely secured to the tractor. If anything is lost during the pull, while hooked to sled, the pull will result in a disqualification.
No extra riders will be allowed on any vehicle at any time.
Committee has the right to reject any entries if they are found unsafe or do not comply with the rules No standing or downward pressure on hitch while being measured.
Flagman has discretion on oil and water spilled.
Must be 3 entries per class to run.
Pace classes will be run by pace device. Beaver Fair pace device supersedes all other speed recording Devices. The pace is approximately 3-4 MPH
In a pull off situation there will only be one attempt to pull.
In pace classes, flagman will allow a grace period from front axle to rear axle. Flagman has final decision.
Farm Stock Class Rules ENTRY FEE $20.00
Contest is open to farm tractors with rubber tires. No dual wheels, no tire studs or chains. No governor strings or wires, etc.
This contest will be operated as an Ag related block contest. Same fuel and number of cylinders in the same configuration as originally equipped.
Drawbar is to be stationary in all directions with absolutely no movement in any direction. No standing on hitch
while being measured. 20” point of hook height. All bracing adjustable or non adjustable may not exceed 6 inches above center of rear axle.
Minimum drawbar length is 24 inches from the center of the rear axle to the center of the hole at point of hook.
All weights must be secured to the tractor. Any external parts or weights lost while hooked to the sled will be grounds for disqualification.
Hitching device must have a 3.5 inch hole, one (1) inch thick, and one (1) inch from rear edge for the hook.
No pressurized tanks allowed except for LP gas as long as the tractor was originally equipped as an LP tractor . No oxygen or alcohol fuels allowed or any additives allowed.
All exhaust to be at least 18 inches from hood line upward or approved under slung type exhaust. No weight, or frame of weight may extend more than 11 feet forward of
the center of the rear axle.
All tractors must be equipped with a hood and grill.
The use of torque converters, automatic shifts, etc. will be permitted during the pull. Contestants shall draw by lottery for pulling position in each weight class.
Maximum fuel injection pump shall be an A series inline pump.
No turbos permitted
Front cuts allowed, no double cuts, no cut and ½'s.
Tractors will be re-weighed immediately after pulling into the lead of any class including the bracket class. Officials can also spot reweigh any tractor at anytime.
Wheelie bars are mandatory.
Wheelie bars and drawbar should not be connected in any way.
No standing or downward pressure on hitch while being measured.
Premiums: $75, $60, $50, $40, $30, $20, $20
Registration for all classes $20
Bracket pull preregistration postmarked on or before October 1st $50
Bracket pull registration postmarked after October 1st or day of pull $60
There will only be 64 tractors allowed in the bracket.
Only postmarked registrations will be accepted. No hand deliveries except day of bracket. It will be first come first serve so preregistration is strongly encouraged
The tractor will be registered, the drivers can change at any time during the pull.
If breakage occurs to any tractor registered in bracket class and it happens prior to or during the pull before the bracket starts, the committee may allow it to be substituted. NO SUBSTITUTION OF TRACTOR AFTER BRACKET STARTS.
4500 lb Farm Stock Non-Turbo, front cut (15.5x38 or 16.9x34)
5500 lb Farm Stock Non-Turbo, front cut (15.5x38 or 16.9x34)
7000 lb Farm Stock Non- Turbo, front cut (15.5x38 or 16.9x34)
6250 lb Farm Stock Non-Turbo, front cut (15.5x38 or 16.9x34)