I am tired of getting all of the robocalls and calls from telemarketers selling vacations, hotel stays, insurance, car warranties etc yet the search engines no longer list the origin of the calls but do offer paid services that allow searching a number for a fee. Well screw that paying for information.

I am going to list calls and numbers that I receive so that way there is info out there that shows up in a search instead of a paid service


PHONE Number  Switch/Exchange Source of call Who Call City DATE
814-557-7361 Neutral Tandem-Illinois, LLC - IL Dead line PA February 22, 2021
469-342-1903 Bandwidth.com Legal Action call 782-xxx-0581 Texas February 19, 2021
814-586-2534    Comcast      Dead line Zion, PA February 19, 2021    
814-377-0690 Common Pointe Networks of Illinois LLC - IL Dead line      Beaverdale, PA     February 18, 2021  
814-524-5612 Terra Nova Telecom-ATLC/4 Dead line      PA February 17, 2021